Good food, good friends and lots of great wines!

How can you possibly complain when your weekend is kicked off with such flair?  This past Friday night we held another tasting event in the South Coast area of Orange County.  Thank you to South Coast Winery Restaurant for a great venue. Can we just say it was a smashing success?

Earlier in the day we all met to go over the evening’s itinerary, which in all honesty is a pretty simple equation – taste some wine, chat with some great people, eat some delicious food! What could be better! We were blown away at how large the list of RSVP’s had grown, and once we saw the final attendee list, we realized that we could not offer our 2008 Black Orchid and 2008 Fiery Nights wines due to their extremely scarce production (We do have a bit left of them but have already promised ONX Collective Members the remaining allocation. You can still get them if you sign up to become a wine club member within the next few weeks, otherwise no promises 🙂

The evening started off with an introduction from our winemaker Brian Brown.  If you don’t know Brian as of yet he is an extremely talented winemaker from the Napa Valley who has a track record of producing some of the area’s most prestigious wines.  Though from Napa, he was intrigued by Paso Robles’s creativity and progressive winemaking culture when he traveled here years ago. He joined ONX at its inception and has been instrumental in selecting the many eclectic varieties we grow in our vineyard and creating the avant-garde blends we are known for.

On to the tastings!  Due to the scarcity of our 2008’s we decided to break out some of our 2009 wines for a bit of a ‘sneak preview’ if you will.  What a fun surprise for our guests! The evening started with a side by side tasting of our 2008 & 2009 Mad Crush. Though similar in style they have a different varietal make up and are a definite crowd pleaser.

Next we moved on to our 2009 Uprising, which is a Syrah-based blend that accentuates spice and savory components interwoven with dark blackberry and blueberry. Though our other 2009 wines were just recently bottled and are still in a state of ‘bottle shock’ they tasted exteremely well, surpassing the expectations of our our winemakers are instilling confidence that when they will be exceptional in a few more months.

After Uprising, tasters proceeded to our 2009 Strata, which is a Zinfandel-based blend that is massive and fruity, showcasing the power and intensity of Paso Robles Zinfandel and Petite Sirah. Guests loved Strata for it’s fruit-forward nature and balanced structure, making it a big hit with everyone including Aaron Jackson, our Paso Robles-based winemaker who had a blast pouring the wine that he has had such fun putting together.

Our last 2009 wine is our 2009 Brainchild, which is a Tempranillo-based blend that was showing very tight still, which prompted us not to pour it at the event (there may have been a few bottles floating around though).  Brainchild will get several months more slumber in bottle before it begins to really show it true colors and we are excited to taste it once it opens up.

What a great evening!  Our plan had been to introduce the team, taste the wines, hold a trivia challenge and let someone win some great wine, however the night once again got away from us and we were left with no time to hold the trivia game.  Between pouring and selling wines and signing up new wine club members the night went by way too quickly. Maybe we should consider holding the contest online? Either way, everyone had a great time and enjoyed hearing about the vineyard, the wines, and the people that make up Team ONX.

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