SoulMate Food 3 Day Juice Cleanse

Even though we’re almost at the end of January and Christmas seems like a distant memory, I’ve still been feeling sluggish, slow, heavier and just generally, bleugh. The alcohol has been cut right back (not gone completely but I’m not a massive drinker anyway, unless we’re partying) I wanted to have a kick start to the healthy new me, I’ve been cutting back on crap foods and trying to stick to the clean eating plan (if you follow me on Pinterest you’ll already know about this!) but there is nothing like a fast, powerful boost detox.

SoulMate Food stepped in and offered me their 3 day, fruit juice cleanse, which was perfect. I’ve done a detox before and it was hardcore, so although I felt more prepared this time, I was still a bit nervous! The juices arrived on Monday morning, no knocking on the door waking everyone up, it was like a stealth delivery, the hubs opened the door to leave for work at 7am and they were already there! Perfectly numbered and ready to be stashed in the fridge.

Let me just start off by saying these juices taste NICE! That was one of my struggles last time, the flavour, but these are like fresh juices that I would pick to have with a lunch or breakfast anyway. The fact that they’re numbered so you know which order to have them in and can just open the fridge door, grab a juice and close it just as quickly (who needs fridge temptation when you’re detoxing!)

The breakfast detox juice contains orange, apple, carrot & ginger and it’s really refreshing, I was worried that the ginger would overpower it (we have a tendency of doing that) but it didn’t at all, in fact I couldn’t taste the carrot either! Juice two, the vitality juice has pineapple, banana, apple and coconut milk, it’s thick, creamy almost smoothie like, and is my favourite of all six.
Number 3, berries and cherries, is, as you’d expect, full of berries. Apple, banana, blackberry, strawberry and cherry, it’s really fruity and quite sour but it wakes the mouth up so that’s always a plus!
Number 4, Earth, is banana, blackcurrant, apple, raspberry and pomegranate, number 5 is Tropical, apple, orange, banana, mango, passionfruit and goji berry and the last juice of the day, Nutrilicious, is strawberry, banana, red grape, orange, white grape and lemon.

I was busy yesterday, so I’m going to assume that it made the whole no eating thing a lot easier, but, although there were moments that I wanted to eat something (like when making the kids dinner!) I managed to get through it and stuck with the juices and water. I did hit the sack a hell of a lot earlier than I usually would, partly down to being knackered, partly down to trying to avoid the fridge, but I slept like a baby! I woke up at three needing the loo (another side effect of the amount of liquid!) and it felt like I’d been asleep for 12 hours! I’m sure if I could last a whole week on a juice detox I’d get the best sleep of my life. Waking up this morning I was prepared for the grumbling belly of someone who hadn’t eaten for 24 hours but I felt fine, and I’m just about to open juice 3, with no cracking! I am feeling quite positive that I’ll make it through to the end of tomorrow without eating anything!

The idea of the 6 juices is to have one every two hours, with at least 2l of water throughout the day. No coffee or alcohol either, and so far I’ve had no banging headaches that usually follow the caffeine leaving my body and although I wouldn’t say I was feeling wide awake, I’m still quite knackered, my brain feels quite alert (which is a new thing!)

I’m not doing the juice purely for weight loss, because if I do lose anything, some of it will come back on once I start eating, but I’m hoping to get rid of the toxins and give my body the boost it needs, laying the foundations for the rest of the healthy living. I’m never going to be a stick insect, and nor do I want to be, but I do want glowing skin, shiny hair and a healthy, toned body, which all require hard work & good foods!

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