The Tiki Shed Supper Club

A few weekends ago my supper club teamed up with my favourite supper club, The Shed Likes Food, and our friend “Tiki Tim” to host the first (hopefully of many) Tiki Shed Supper Clubs. We held one on the Saturday night and a second on Sunday afternoon. Suffice to say, it was a rather large weekend. Tiki is based on the culture of Pacific Rim/Polynesian countries, however Tiki themed bars originated in America. Americans thought of Polynesia as a strange and savage place, filled with scowling tiki statues and smoking volcanoes. The origin of the tiki bar dates back to the late 1800’s when America’s elite became fascinated by primitive art from the South Seas. After the First World War the great age of travel began and the islands of Polynesia became a prestige’s destination, America’s interest was pricked.

Tiki Tim has always had a keen interest in all things Tiki – he describes it as a culture in which you can escape and just have fun. He makes brilliant (often using several different types of rum) tropical cocktails, using his own sugar syrups, liqueurs and freshly squeezed juices, plus has an impressive array of Tiki carvings (some of which he’s done himself) and mugs. If you’re not convinced of his passion, we’re talking about a guy who managed to work a Tiki convention in Miami into his honeymoon! You don’t get more Tiki-mad than that! Tiki Tim dreams of one day opening a Tiki bar in Sydney, so why not host a Tiki supper club to test out his cocktails? Diners were greeted with a flower lei and “Coconaught” cocktail in an emptied coconut to get them in the mood. After an introduction from Tiki Tim into the world (and his passion) of Tiki, guests were led through the backyard to the Shed, which had been transformed into a bamboo hut straight out of the South Pacific.

Tiki Tim & his gorgeous assistant Marcela, had a bar set up in one corner of the Shed so that guests could see Tim mix their cocktails. Tim explained each cocktail to the guests and they got to keep the fabulous Tiki mugs (which came from Cheeky Tiki in Stoke Newington) in which one of the cocktails was served. Here is the menu (it was written on cardboard fish which were scattered over the table). As usual, things got hectic in the kitchen and there aren’t many food photos as a result. Coconut panna cotta with grilled pineapple in lime & mint syrup. The highlight of the night was Tiki Tim’s volcanic cocktail.The cocktail was served in large communal vessels, and was lit – everyone cheered (whilst Nicola pondered whether “burnt to the ground” would be an auspicious end for the Shed) before slurping up the delicious pineapple and rum cocktail with their super long straws.

Both supper clubs were a huge success and have inspired us to hold some more Tiki suppers as well as some further collaborations with The Shed Likes Food & LexEat. Keep a look out for some exciting events happening in the new year – some ideas we’re playing with are a games night supper club, a photography treasure hunt & supper club, a 60’s themed supper club and a Vietnamese banquet. We’ve set up a Facebook page called Lex & The Shed (the Facebook name is actually Lex-Shed Supperclub, if you’re searching for us) – so befriend us and you’ll be the first to hear about the events we’re planning, as well as seeing photos of our suppers and updates on what we’re planning – we welcome your input too!

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