Viticulture: Produce wine grapes

The grapes are strange. They grow in places where another vegetable and fruits will die or just will not thrive. Bordeaux is a region in France where you have the best grapes for the growth of wine. However, a look at the steep and rocky surface of Bordeaux would make you think that the moon would be a more convenient place to produce grapes for wine making.

If you want to make wine, you must produce grapes. To do this you must fully understand that the way with this fruit is harvested and grown. More than 5489 varieties of grapes are known to man. They are divided into two classes, Vitis labrusca and Vitis vinifera grandes. These are the two branches that are used to make merlot, cabernet, Chardonnay, match and so on.

Viticulture is what you are in if your grapes are growing to make wine. Variables, such as soil, chemicals, topography and, of course, climate must be put into consideration. The grapes are found to bloom in the spring and become the fruit during the summer months.

When the grapes are starting to grow, you want to prune the leaves so more reaches of the sunlight from the grapes. Paying close attention to the parasite samples, disease and drought is another must. When the fall comes around, the grapes should be ready to harvest, depending on the climate and a good “feel” for the fruit the grapes should be ready.

Veraison is the French word for meaning that the grapes are changing in hue and color. For red and black grapes this is a very important phase.

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